Mr Mzuza

2010, 25 minutes

Man consults a 'spiritualist healer' to help him with his relationship problems.

Struggling writer Alex Stevens has a problem: his relationship with his girlfriend of four years is not going well and, unable to face breaking up with her, he seeks the help of a spiritual mystic in order to do the job for him. The mystic's advice turns out to be more spurious than spiritual, leaving him eighty quid down and at an even lower ebb than before. But after finally plucking up the courage to confront his girlfriend, he realises something he hadn't even considered: that he never really wanted to break up with her in the first place and that his troubled mind was partly caused by his fear of losing her. All's well that ends well, you could say. Except for one thing: the bogus mystic seems keen to carry out the work Alex paid him to do, one way or another ...

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