Dark Country

2012, 30 minutes

Vengeance is Coming

Missouri, 1865. The Civil War may be over, but for some, the violent divide between North and South still rages on. <p> After a southern stranger and his wife are attacked in their home by a gang of ex-Union soldiers, a vehement quest for retribution is ignited. <p> Two years later, the former soldiers are ruling over a small town in Indian Territory, where their ruthless leader reigns as the local marshall. But when a mysterious outsider suddenly rides into town, the men soon realize they're all being hunted, one by one, by the same southern stranger they had once watched die. <p> Directed by Rick Roberts (SEE IT THROUGH, FROM THIS DAY), DARK COUNTRY is a gritty, action-packed ride through a dark and lawless Wild West. <p> For a look at the trailer, follow this link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=VvmmgFImqP0

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