Extraordinary rendition

2007, 77 minutes

Abduction, Torture, Shattered Lives

A man is snatched from the streets of his home city and transported to an unknown destination. Held in a tiny cell with no access to legal representation, he is cut off from the outside world. Advanced interrogation techniques are used to break him down. His life deconstructed with such manipulation that even he begins to question his innocence. Transported again, in a small jet marked only 'N379P', to the searing heat of an unspecified locale where interrogation is quickly replaced by sophisticated torture. No reason is offered for his detention and no timetable is set for his release. No governments are mentioned, no radical factions named, no fingers pointed. There is nothing for him to hang onto. The man has fallen out of the world and only questions remain.

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Alternative Names

Etxraordinary rendition