Grey Matter

Grey Matter

2012, 25 minutes

An urban comedy about misplaced love, an African Grey parrot and badly kept secrets.

Cake baking Emily finds it increasingly difficult to hide her secret from her husband Bob as an erratic postman, an African Grey parrot, and a Miss Lonely Hearts continually intrude on her plans. Characters on this London street continually interweave in this loosely knitted film of misplaced love and badly kept secrets. Grey Matter is a bittersweet comedy, screened at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2012, has strong performances by an ensemble of actors including Jeff Stewart (best actor Manhattan Film Festival 2011). A quirky look at human nature's difficulty in confronting truth in a family or neighbourhood if it requires pain and difficulty.

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Grey Matter

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    Dimension: 1280 x 720
    Running time: 89 seconds

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