2011, 40 minutes

Comedy film about two hapless Gardeners

Eddie (Jimmy Riddle) owns a small gardening business and after returning home from a booze cruise to France he discovered Enoch (Keith Whitehouse) hiding in the back of his van. Enoch idolises many of the "larger than life" characters he avidly watched on television in his remote village prior to him relocating to Britain. At lunchtime the hapless pair take a break from gardening to go for a quiet drink - following an encounter with the local constabulary outside the red Lion - Enoch is chased by the police - Eddie is overjoyed to be re-acquainted with Sadie - a holiday romance from their past - but not so happy to hear that she had been married to the pub landlord all along. Enoch decides to get rid of the pub landlord to enable Eddie to once again find happiness with his first true love - Sadie. With such a good plan - what could possibly go wrong?

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  • Jim Kelly · Constable Henry Rowbottom
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  • Carol Cummings · Mrs Maybre (IMDB Credit)
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  • keith white · Enoch Lactavitch
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