The Man Who Cried

2000, 97 minutes

Epic story of a Russian Jewish girl, separated from her father and determined not to forget him, is eventually reunited with him on another continent.

The young Suzie (Claudia Lander-Duke) is the daughter of a Cantor(Oleg Yankovskiy) in a small town in Russia. Her father leaves in the mid 1920s for a better life in America, hoping his family will follow. Suzi's mother is killed in a pogrom, and Suzie is sent to join her father, but gets lost when she is separated from her travelling companions. She ends up in England, where she is told she must forget her former life and identity, but she cannot. Several years later, in the late 1930s Suzie (Christina Ricci) runs away to Paris, where she becomes a dancer in the opera. She makes friends with Lola, a Russian fellow dancer (Cate Blanchette). Suzie and Cesar (Johnny Depp)a Gypsy horseman at the opera are drawn to one another. Lola starts a relationship with Dante (John Turturro) an Italian tenor sympathetic to fascism. When the Germans occupy Paris, and Suzie's Jewish background puts her in danger. Cesar helps Suzie to escape, and Lola must choose between her Dante. She joins Suzie, and they take a ship to America. Lola is killed when the ship is sunk, but Suzie survives and after many complications, is eventually reunited with her dying father.

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Alternative Names

Man Who Cried, the