2012, 120 minutes

Dance Movie

Believe is a new dance film produced independently by MJP Entertainment, and will hit cinemas in 2012. The original screenplay written by Michael Paintain, follows the story of hip hop dancer and singer Emily Granger, who faces many important decisions in her life when she finds out she is terminally ill... After facing other heartbreaks in her life, she begins to reassess her life, and sets up a new hip hop group made up of a mismatch and some disadvantaged dancers, hoping to show them, and her community that anything is possible if you try hard enough.

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Connected mandy members:

Pierre Marku
Pierre Marku
minor role
Ashleigh Jones
Sandra Michelle
Lisa Holsappel-Marrs
Tracy Granger
Bella Clairmont
Ensemble Dancer
Danielle Turner
minor acting role/extra