2011, 7 minutes

A beautiful ghetto story

Katoto (Rodney Punga) age 4 and Junior (Cyril Punga) Age 7 are ghetto Kids who live in Kawangware, a Nairobi Slum. They Love playing soccer. However, the perennial dirt, garbage and irresponsible dumping annoys them hitherto but doesn't deter them from doing what little boys love doing. Playing. Their lazy elder Sister hates washing the Estates common toilet and prefers to poop in plastic paper bags instead. She then hurls the infamous "Flying Toilet" on a garbage heap near their house. When Katoto accidentally touches a flying toilet while following his football, the two boys decide that enough is enough. Katoto and Junior come up with a strategy to stop their sister in her tracks on a day that she unfortunately is having runs. Will the fling-and-stone scare bring an end to the Flying Toilet?

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Patrick Sanderson
Adebayo Oyelade
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Karen A King
Karen A King
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Mark Christopher Boyd
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