Call Of The Hunter

Call Of The Hunter

2009, 83 minutes

Horror movie

Documentary crew embark on a project about the sighting of Herne The Hunter (a gamekeeper in Windsor Park during the reign of Richard II) who hanged himself from an oak and haunts all over Europe. Key role is Ralph who's the brother of Lesbian Caroline whose head was found impaled on a weather vane at her mansion. Ralph and most of the crew fall foul of Herne who wants the return of his hunting horn.

Call Of The Hunter

Video Clips

  • COTH Trailer
    COTH Trailer Trailer
    Dimension: 480 x 270
    Running time: 101 seconds

Connected mandy members:

Michael Instone
Jonathan Hansler
Sal Alcott
Sal Alcott
Makeup Artist
Makeup and SFX Designer
Sally Alcott
Sally Alcott
Make-up Artist
Makeup Hair & SFX Designer