The 13th mirror

2011, 9 minutes

The 13th Mirror is a short film and multimedia book trailer inspired by Appearances

ictor is trapped in a vivid and terrifying nightmare. Penned in by a wall of mirrors, he is tortured by hideous reflections of himself until he finds a clue that urges him to look for the 13the Mirror. Flitting between dream world and alternate reality, Victor approaches his mysterious friend Xavier to help him on his quest. In contrast to his troubled friend, Xavier exists in a vibrant, colorful world that Victor can only dream of. With the boundary between reality and dream becoming increasingly blurred, Xavier urges Victor to escape from the darkness and find the elusive 13th Mirror. As the film draws to its climax, Victor looks like he may have found the missing piece of the puzzle. Written by Anonymous

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Richard Lincoln
Charles Hennegrave
Charles Hennegrave
Visual Effects Artist
VFX Supervisor & grading
Cory Peterson

Alternative Names

13th mirror, the