Random 11

2011, 86 minutes

Serial Murders in Tokyo Japan.

On Feb 29th 1996 in Tokyo Japan, 11 people were killed at 0025 in different parts of the city. They were all killed in a ritualistic fashion, and there was never any sign of a struggle or forced entry. The authorities were notified of the crimes after receiving, an hour after the alleged time of the murders, polaroid photos of each of the victims. The case was closed, filed as possible ritual suicide. On christmas eve of the same year, 10 bodies were found dead from apparent poisoning, each with a copy of a book by a famous Japanese author on their person. Again, the victims were seemingly random and unconnected. The author committed suicide on Christmas day, becoming the eleventh victim. 10 years later, after a repeated string of serial murders, the authorities received yet again, 11 polaroid photos of another random selection of people.

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