The Naked Poet (A Heart Divided)

2011, 95 minutes

The NAKED POET (A Heart Divided) written and directed by Jason Barrett, produced by DB Studios

Is the Story of a Poet called Lazarus. The film explores the relationships between his friends, family and lovers. Can a man be in love with more than one woman? Do the sins of the father visit the next generation? Do men and women really process love and sex differently, these issues and more are looked at in this British romantic drama. The Naked Poet has a heartfelt undertone of poetry all set to a beautiful London backdrop: Starring Jason Barrett, Petra Letang, Michael Harvey, Kyla Frye, Aml Ameen, Kelle Bryan, Michelle Gayle, Mohammed George and Fabrisio Santino.

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Kyla Frye
Kyla Frye

Alternative Names

Naked Poet (A Heart Divided), the