Right Hand Drive

2009, 99 minutes

A funny story about faith, forgiveness and the weird people you grew up with.

The movie tells the story of a young Englishman, Evan, living in a small village with his rather, eccentric Aunt. He drives an old Porsche and is part of the very small village chapel which boasts a congregation of a few devoted, old fashioned but friendly folk. All of them seem rather weird except for his best friend Sri, and Ruth, a pretty young lady who he's known since his childhood. One day while driving on the narrow country lanes he has an accident with a vacationing American family who are subsequently forced to stay temporarily at his aunt's very English cottage. The American family bring a domineering mother, a cynical father, an estranged punk daughter and a most attractive sister into this rural tranquillity. National and religious cultures collide and the young man is caught between serious choices of new and old, familiar and foreign.

Right Hand Drive

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Right Hand Drive (2009)