2011, 20 minutes

Psychological Thriller

Untrust is a gritty suspense horror for a digital age. It follows the hapless police psychologist Donna Knowles (Victoria Hopkins) as her marriage to Laurence (Ben Loyd Holmes) falls apart. At the same time she interviews murderer Leonard Woolley (Peter Walsh) who talks in ancient Sumerian evil which leaves more than an impression on Donna. After a creepy encounter she begins to question her own sanity as she becomes haunted by strange noises and demonic apparitions. Can she uncover the root of the evil before it takes her sanity?

Connected mandy members:

Victoria Broom
Peter Revel-Walsh
Leonard Woolley
Tamara Gitter
Tamara Gitter
Make-up Artist
Designer & Key Makeup Artist
Victoria Hopkins
Donna Knowles
James Walker
James Walker
Art Dept Assistant
Production Designer