2008, 52 minutes

A Tale Of Love, Lust and Treasure

Jake Truman (Scully) is just a regular guy. However, at his Grandfathers funeral he is mysteriously handed an envelope. Inside the envelope is a map of an island with the word 'Monkeyshine' written across it. Jake has serious thoughts about finding the island, but is soon made to look a fool when the miscreet at the office (Sani) gets wind of his exploration ideas and brands him as a plastic pirate. After a little detective work, he finds out that 'Monkeyshine' means Practical Joke and assumes that the whole thing is a cruel jibe. That is, until the girl at his office (Highton) sees the map from a different angle and notices that Monkeyshine has a different meaning altogether, which leads Jake to find out where the map really leads. Jake goes on a personal adventure to the island which shows him who he is, and what he really wants in life, which together could be all the treasure he could ever want...

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