The Lonely Gladiator

2011, 15 minutes

Daunted by a modern world of speed dating, street performing and STD's, a divorced ex-Postman struggles in his quest for happiness.

A 50 year old Postman suddenly finds himself jobless, loveless and ill equipped in his pursuit of happiness in a modern world. The ultimate insult hits him when his ex-wife, who he is still in love with, sends him a speed dating invitation on Valentines day. A brief encounter with Anita Man-eater teaches him a lesson in sexual health, which impedes his ability to remain still as the street performing Roman Swordsman that he aspires to be. Instead he is the Lonely Gladiator. The final blow comes as The Royal Mail thanks him for his 31 years of service by giving him a redundancy cheque for next-to-nothing. Appalled, angry and ignited, our Lonely Gladiator finally decides to move on with a touching tribute to his former life.

Members of mandy who have been involved in The Lonely Gladiator

  • David Harvey · Technical Consultant
    • The Lonely Gladiator
    • Class Stage Productions
  • Simon Porter · Composer
    • The Lonely Gladiator
    • Class-Stage Productions

Alternative Names

Lonely Gladiator, the