2011, 90 minutes

Feature film backed by Irish Film Board, shoots Sept 2011. Details will follow.

"Irish Arts Council has awarded (Film Project Award) Rouzbeh Rashidi for making his experimental feature film project HE which will be shot in the city of Cork. The specific inspiration behind this location decision is the Guesthouse space. Although the lead actor, James Devereaux (star of one of Rashidi’s previous features, Closure Of Catharsis) would be brought in to Cork to work on the film, all other cast and crew would be drawn from the Cork film and arts community in the hope that this collaboration with local talent will be mutually inspiring. In addition Rouzbeh Rashidi plans to present a number of screenings at the Guesthouse to give those interested in the process a fuller understanding of the challenging and unusual ideas and techniques he employs in his work, and to create a dialogue around them."

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