The Interview

2011, 10 minutes

Ray gets his revenge on his old drama school colleague Lionel Blair.

'The Interview' is a 7-10 min short about an old man who, after holding a grudge for 50 years, finally exacts his revenge on his old drama school colleague, Lionel Blair. 75 year old Ray ( played by Peter Thomas) is left to his own devices by his daughter Jane (played by Scarlet Sweeney) while she attends an appointment. Ray finds out there is an interview between a journalist, Brian (played by Matt Sutton), and Lionel Blair (played by Lionel Blair) about to take place in a nearby coffee shop. Taking advantage of the fact he hears that Brian doesn't know what Lionel looks like, Ray decides to pretend to be Lionel and proceeds to tell the journalist a series of lies and scandalous quotes to get revenge on Lionel for a 50 year old grudge he has held ever since they both went up for the same audition 50 years before.. which Lionel got.

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Scarlet Sweeney

Alternative Names

Interview, the