Mandy Crew USA

City Slacker

2011, 94 minutes

An investment in love can go down as well as up.

Amanda is a corporate high-flyer who has it all. Her perfect world is turned upside down when the eggs she had frozen in her prime, ready to use when the time is right, are accidently de-frosted. If Amanda's going to have children, she’ll have to do it as nature intended. Her partner Charles offers to squeeze in a shag between his business trips but is clearly not into having kids. Reluctantly, Amanda leaves him and begins her quest for the Perfect Man. It's a tall order - she has no intention of giving up her hard won career - she needs a man who's willing to sacrifice everything to bring up their baby. There are a lot of men out there but none have that magic combination of youth, intelligence, good looks and, crucially, a total lack of ambition. None, that is, until Amanda meets Dan. She isn't strictly honest about her motives but then, neither is he.... And lurking in the background is Charles - plotting a very public humiliation for them both.

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