The Money Shot

2009, 15 minutes

Comedy about setting up a celebrity sex tape

Fame can be a fickle friend. When they abandon you it can be hard to take. For Hollywood golden couple Jensen & Goldsmith fame was a fast fading friend. The sun wasn't shinning on them the way it used to. The stars had lost their shine. It would drive them to seek the help of Hollywood hot shot Agent Koski. She isn't a normal agent. You won't find her contact details on the internet. She isn't a whore to Hollywood. No. The only way you get this woman’s help is by recommendation. She doesn't just help anyone. She is the best at what she does. Her plan to recapture the spotlight they had lost - a sex tape at a brand new 5 star Hilton Hotel. What could possibly go wrong?

Connected mandy members:

Laura Pradelska
Ellen Goldsmith
Tomasz Aleksander
Gregory Jensen

Alternative Names

Money Shot, the