Brush Up

2011, 11 minutes

A quirky romance

DANIEL is an ordinary man who suffers from a severe stutter/speech impediment. This renders him socially awkward and even lonely at times. He makes a daily commute through Chinatown to get to work where most of his social skills are tested (in a sense). He has a love interest named JEAN. Their encounters and interactions have awkward. One day, as he is coming home from work, a mysterious street vendor (who has taken notice of Daniel's "sadness") calls him over. This street vendor's name is MR. FU. He gives Daniel a toothbrush that has some sort of mystical powers. We learn that this toothbrush clears up DANIEL's speech impediments and that he has to use it daily in order for it to work. With that he gains a confidence in his social encounters. He gains confidence to talk to JEAN properly and ask her out. DANIEL and JEAN have a little fling. DANIEL is the happiest man in the world at this point. JEAN invites him to meet her parents (never shown in the film). But the twist is that he loses the toothbrush and so his impediment returns. He worries and freaks out because this whole time, he based all of his confidence and esteem on the magic of the toothbrush. He thought that Jean liked him because he didn't have a stutter. (There is a bit where he goes a little insane looking for the toothbrush.) He goes back to a sort of depression. The conclusion is that JEAN was always intrigued by DANIEL and that she actually likes him with or without the stutter.

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