Shady Lady

2011, 90 minutes

Epic wartime story of a B-24 bomber

'Shady Lady'is the epic story of the B-24 Liberator aircraft called 'Shady Lady' that set off from Darwin on Friday, 13 August 1943 on what was at that time the world's longest ever bombing mission of WWII to the oil refineries at Balikpapan, Borneo. Shortly before running out of fuel, 'Shady Lady' was crash landed on a remote salt pan in Northern Western Australia after flying for 16 hours and 35 minutes. With help from the Aboriginal Community, 'Shady Lady'amazingly flew again. A 'Presidential Citation' for the crew, was re-issued in June 2011 to acknowledge their outstanding bravery and courage.

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Shaun Morton
Shaun Morton
Flight lieutenant Burr
Robert H. Wainwright
RAAF Group Captain
Nathalie Grace
Nathalie Grace
Camera Operator
Jamie Langlands
David Sutton
David Sutton
carpenter/production runner