Just One Night

2008, 50 minutes

A fly on the wall account of people's experiences in a hotel room

JUST ONE NIGHT is a stage work written in late '08, by Gary Cox and David Chapman. Set in a bland but functional hotel room, it portrays seven slices-of-life set over consecutive nights, with different characters each staying for 'just one night'. A versatile cast of eight or even as few as four (2M; 2F), can portray all characters. It's offered to producing or receiving houses, initially in the London area. If that's you... the set's inexpensive and more or less static; there's no flying and it's easy to light. Please see tech notes. Just One Night, a mixture of comedy, drama and pathos, is ideal for professional production at reasonable cost. There's a trial-run DVD available (actually videod in a hotel room!) along with synopsis and script to interested venues. JUST ONE NIGHT is... Three's a Bedful Comedy about a man who thinks what he has to offer is too much for one woman, so arranges a threesome - but on the night gets less than he expected. 1M; 2F Coming of Age A lad turns 16. His father buys him a present that he hopes will make a man of him. 1M; 1F. One Night Stand It's the morning after the night before and a woman, out for fun, gets something she hadn't bargained for. 1M; 1F. Clean Up A hotel cleaner's lot is not a happy one. 1F. Getting Down to Business It's the last night of a business conference, and married Carl is tempted to play away... or is he? 1M; 2F. Stranded Two work colleagues, who don't get on, return from a day's training course. A minor car accident leaves them unable to travel home and no choice but to share the one available room for the night. 1M; 1F. Patrick & Jemima Two Second World War re-enactment enthusiasts find they have a battle of their own. Comedy, in rhyme. 1M; 1F.

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