The Squeakies

2011, 90 minutes

Keeping it Clean.

From the moment he wakes, Arthur Pillock is having the morning from Hell. As disaster piles upon disaster, Arthur's compounding misfortune only enhances the life of a mysterious tramp. Why? And when life can surely get no worse, Arthur finds himself centre stage in 'The Squeaky Clean Comedy Challenge.' A world first, shot in 5D Multiscope* for cutting edge enjoyment, filmed entirely on location in London and featuring Mark Felgate (Nickleodeon) and fifteen or so cracklingly hot stand-up comedians mc’ed by comedy legend Stephen Frost, the picture mixes black and white silent comedy with outstanding full colour comedians.

Members of mandy who have been involved in The Squeakies

  • Clifford Hume · The Assassin
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    • The Squeaky Clean Comedy Company
  • teresa jennings · Nina
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    • The Squeakies the Comedy film
  • Tatsujiro Oto · Sound Designer/Editor/Mixer/VO
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    • The Squeakies Limited

Alternative Names

Squeakies, the