Illegal Activity

2011, 43 minutes

Life on streets of East London, The Wire style

Illegal Activity is the brainchild of director, Sebastian Thiel and an attempt to encourage young people to educate themselves and read. The purpose of this viral campaign is to highlight the importance of gaining knowledge and expanding the mind in a clever and entertaining way. Knowledge is, after all, Power. The campaign will feature an array of cameo appearances from the most influential and well- known current talent in London who we believe can inspire the younger generation. Who Is Upshot? Young entrepreneur Sebastian Thiel founded Its Upshot in 2007 after he became increasingly concerned about the deteriorating state of youth culture in the UK. The 17- year-old Thiel used the popular channels of fashion and entertainment to reach out and communicate with his young peers and in turn has created a powerhouse brand that has gone from strength to strength. Its Upshot is about aiming high and standing tall despite hurdles and obstacles placed in front of you. The target symbol within the logo is illustrative of this notion; aiming for a positive outcome. With some of their work now reaching over 250,000 hits within days, Upshot have attracted an international audience, featuring on sites including World Star Hip Hop, a massive platform for their wider target audience. Upshot has proven to be one of the most impressive Internet channels for youth culture and entertainment today. -Upshot has got the attention of the youth.

Members of mandy who have been involved in Illegal Activity