Play Rewind Forward

2011, 10 minutes

Don't Judge a DVD by it's cover...

Chuanli (Stephen Hoo) is an actor living in London, just trying to get by in the tough economic times. He has to sell his beloved collection of foreign films on DVD to survive. Many people mistake him for selling illegal DVD's, but no, Chuanli's DVDs are not dubbed or illegal, he takes pride in his collection of cinema classics and is offended that people don't understand. Chaunli embarks on bringing a bit of Cannes film style to the streets. Meanwhile Lindy Lee (Joyce Veheary) arrives to London from afar. Young, ambitious and determined to continue building her career in media. She dreams of being on the apprentice but after many job applications sent and hardly any results, she is faced with the dilemma of what to do next. The only opportunities that come her way are people wanting to buy DVDs from her, she can't understand why until she meets Chuanli and then they both explore options of survival together.

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Play Rewind Fast Forward