What's the Point?

2012, 75 minutes

A funny story about friendship,love,relationships and the funny world of Charlie.

A funny love story about a chancer. And a group of friends, who think they're stuck with what they have, but are driven by instinct to achieve their dreams. How life changes Charlie through the years. Through love, obsession and addiction. From drama group to Hollywood. Regardless of his youthful morals and beliefs, Charlie gets caught up in the rat race. And is lucky to survive and witness a turning point in his life, which, consequently takes him back to the beginning....Well, not quite. A few surprises along the way......and a big one at the end!

Members of mandy who have been involved in What's the Point?

  • Julian Shaw · Charlie Green
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  • Astrea Mira · Francine
    • What's the Point
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  • David Joseph · Robber/Banker
    • What's the Point?
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