Sac a Main / The Purse

2010, 5 minutes

A man finds a pink purse on a bench

Matt is a 23 year old college student, who just broke up with his girlfriend. He goes to the park to calm down and read a book. Next to him, in a very pink, girly purse, a pink cellphone starts to ring. He tries to answer the phone, but the phone is locked. Curiosity get the better of him and he starts looking through the purse. He soon realizes that he and the owner of this purse have a lot in common, like taste in books and music. He finds some pictures. The first few are of a very pretty valley girl and Matt is quite taken with her. Then there are some pictures of the pretty girl with a scary looking Gothic girl. He finally finds a wallet in the purse. It has a payslip in it with an address on. Matt Decides to go and deliver the bag, hopefully meeting the pretty girl in the process. He goes to the building and rings the doorbell of the apartment. The pretty girl opens the door. Matt is instantly attracted and a little taken aback by her. He manages to stutter that he is here to deliver the purse. The pretty girl tells him that is belongs to her flatmate. The Gothic girl enters and looks at Matt. Matt is shocked and disappointed.

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Melissa Syversen
Gothic Girl

Alternative Names

Sac a Main (The Purse), The Purse (Sac a Main)