A Contour State of Mind

2012, 28 minutes

Wake up... or die!

Vaz Klatch is asleep, and he knows he's asleep because in his dream, his doctor has told him that unless he wakes up he will die. Vaz has contracted an evolved, second-stage terminal virus through a government-imposed programme to punish statutory sex offenders. In the doctor's waiting room, Vaz meets a girl named Klixxx, who suffers from the same virus, only in reverse. Vaz has twelve hours to locate two white pills in order to wake up, but Klixxx has an alternate solution: one which involves keeping Vaz asleep and to herself - however, neither of them have counted on Si'ann, Klixx's boyfriend, getting in the way. But in a state between awake and asleep, do events play out the way they're supposed to in reality? Or can Vaz find a way to wake up and end the nightmare. Vaz had better pray that this is just a dream, or else he'll die: the consequences of staying alive inside his dream are devastating - that is, if he can't manage to kill himself beforehand and WAKE UP....

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