My Left Hook

2012, 70 minutes

Ex-Boxer tries to turn promoter

Michael Dobson was the youngest ever British Commonwealth boxing champion in history. His meteroic rise to glory was legendary and made him an overnight celebrity. Wishing to remain a champion forever, he quit boxing the very next day. A fighter without an opponent, Michael instead turned on himself. He destroyed everything around him and disgraced himself in public. 8 years later, Michael is overweight, washed up and cloaked in failure. Wishing to turn it all around, he takes one last shot at the big time. Too worn out to be a fighter, Michael lives the dream through a young protege, Lee ‘left hook’ Jarvis. Seducing him through a string of lies, Michael becomes his trainer, manager and promoter. Michael has a fight on his hands just to keep his promise and deliver the goods. When you’ve lost faith in yourself, what will you do to find it in others?

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