Bare Facts

2012, 15 minutes

A Comedy short about a retired Streaker

Recently retired and recently divorced, Bernard has little to look forward to. That is, until his best friend Clive suggests he rekindles his former passion: streaking. Now ‘Kent’s greatest streaker’ is coming out of retirement for one last streak – ‘The Big One.’ Years since his last ‘run’, Bernard is out of shape and out of practise. With Clive’s help, he begins a rigorous training regime. Meanwhile, struggling journalist Jenny is looking for her big break. After hearing a rumour Bernard is back in training, she might just have the scoop she’s been looking for. As the big day draws closer, Jenny starts to uncover the true story behind Bernard’s odd hobby and what Bernard and Clive truly mean to each other. A comedy of friendship, passion and, above all, baring the truth.

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