2012, 12 minutes

How much value will our Individual Identity have in 50 years time?

Year 2061. Set in a strictly govermented and oppressed England. Edwin Krol is a graduate in History, who has recently completed his training for an entry level position in the Department of Historical Truth. His position requires that Edwin travels the country conducting and recording interviews with a range of subjects, from different backgrounds, who may possess information of value to the Department of Civilian Protection. By the Department of Historical truth he has been assigned to interview Katerina Kalligiannis, a retired goverment employee whose outspoken persona, challenging Individuality and inside knowledge has posed her as an instant threat to the goverment and National Security. And as a result she has been incarcerated in the remote country side. During his visits, the young Edwin's growing fascination with Katerina and her strong opinions against the firece censorship in their society provokes him to begin to look into his own history and questioning everything he has been taught. But quickly Realising that his growing curiosity could endanger both Katerina's safety and most of all his own.

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