2012, 100 minutes

Ex-lovers find themselves placed on the defense terror in a terrorism trial.

The story centers on two ex-lovers, Martin (Bana) and Claudia (Hall), who find their loyalties tested and their lives at risk when they are joined together on the defense team in a terrorism trial in London.

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Jurgen Schwarz
Olga Chee-a-tow
London Commmuter
Robert McCafferty
Football Steward
Adam Dee
Adam Dee
Costume Designer
Costume Assistant
Darren Hammock
Passer by / Court Usher.
Stephen Brocklehurst
Romaine Bowman
Romaine Bowman
Makeup Artist
Make-up an Hair assistant
Luing Andrews
Prison Guard 1
Phil Stanley
Phil Stanley
Football Fan
Karl-James Langford