Human Nature, a Ghost Story

2012, 3 minutes

It's not the ghosts you should fear it's the humans.

A short student Art film. A new story inspired by traditional Japanese ghost stories. According to traditional Japanese beliefs, all humans have a spirit or soul called a 霊魂 (reikon). When a person dies, the reikon leaves the body and enters a form of purgatory, where it waits for the proper funeral and post-funeral rites to be performed, so that it may join its ancestors. However, if the person dies in a sudden or violent manner of death is bad such as murder or suicide, or if the proper rites have not been performed, or if they are influenced by powerful emotions such as a desire for revenge, love, jealousy, hatred or sorrow, the reikon is thought to transform into a ghost. For this reason, in Japan, people believe that ghosts have human emotio and personality. Some of them reflect the dark sides of the human heart as it was humans that caused them to turn into ghosts. For this reason, Asian people think the ghosts represent different dark sides of human truly thinking. The message of the film what I want to send to the audiences is: Don’t be afraid of ghosts as they are incarnations of human life and behaviors. The truly evil are human themselves.

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