Let the Die Be Cast

2012, 130 minutes

A five act psychological thriller-drama set in Greece

What is control? And how far would one go to obtain it? Deep in the heart of rural Greece, an isolated town lies abandoned and ruined amidst the beautiful Mediterranean countryside. When two travelling brothers happen upon this stunning setting, they encounter forces of which they have little understanding or comprehension, sparking the beginning of the thrilling yet disturbing emotional journey the siblings must undertake. As each finds a human element to draw them to the town for an indeterminate period of time, they have their intuitive pre-conceptions of the world around them challenged. As the brothers explore the concepts of existence and domination whilst indulging in emotions ranging from hate and jealousy to true love, they find themselves spiraling down a shocking and violent path towards a truth, the enlightenment of which is equalled only by the terror it induces.

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