Cause & Effects

2012, 15 minutes

A young guy's struggle to save him and his mum from eviction.

Part of the 2012 Shoreditch Festival. An interactive experimental film all shot from the main characters p.o.v in the style of a docu-computer game with various endings, which the viewers can choose. It all begins on a Tuesday, when Ben and his mum receive a letter from Hackney Council threatening to evict them from their home by Friday if they do not provide the £1000 they owe in late rent. Filled with both panic and despair neither of them know what to do until Ben's best friend Luke secretely informs him of a gambling game in their neighborhood where you can place your bets and win a great sum of cash if lucky or smart. Without any other better option to think of both Ben and Luke follow this lead which brings a day filled with unexpected paths and decisions to make in order to get by. And possibly even Ben's neck on the line.

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