Hunting For Hubbies

2012, 120 minutes

A film project that seeks to challenge the conventions about love and relationships in a society.

Aisha, Nnenna, Bimbo and Vickie are young, beautiful and ambitious Nigerian girls who became fast friends at university as members of the notorious Red Lioness sorority at University. 3 years after graduating Bimbo and Vickie have moved to London using ill- gained money and connections. They struggle to adapt to their new life in London a city with fewer wealthy mugus (MUGS) to rip off. However their plans get an injection of energy when the 2 other girls Aisha and Nnenna arrive from Lagos and move in. The girls quickly come up with a new plan- get married, get divorced, and take half. In a city where wealthy young boys seem, however, to be clinging desperately on to their bachelorhood the girls decide to go for men who have already proved their commitment to settling down- married ones!

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