2012, 90 minutes


When a family of travellers come to a rural town, conflict ensues amongst the locals. Stigmatised as “gypsies” they are not welcomed into the community. Woodfalls revolves around the children of the family, Billy and Rebecca. For Billy, living in the town is an eye opening experience, as he finds himself excepted into a group of similarly aged, ‘boy racers’. Being a young, unmarried female, Rebecca lives under a strict regime and isn’t given the chance to experience small town life. As life for the Marr family begins to settle, an incident causes a questioning of faith and belonging, dividing these two cultures once and for all. Woodfalls not only takes a look at a much publicised, but widely misunderstood culture, but is also an examination of ‘Generation X’. Fitting somewhere in between Taxi Driver, This is England and American Graffiti; Woodfalls is a dark, gritty and explosively violent portrayal of British life, complete with a Dubstep score.

Connected mandy members:

Gareth Bennett-Ryan
Andrew McDonald
Virginia Byron
Tyron Maynard
Laura Levett
Laura Levett
Production Runner
Peter Ferret
Peter Ferret
Lighting Cameraperson
David Luke
David Luke
Michelle Crane
Rebecca Marr ( Lead )