The Plot

2012, 30 minutes

Kathy is a young women who has recently contracted amnesia, and now has to cope!

The beautiful Kathy contracted amnesia in circumstances that aren't made entirely clear. What is certain, is that this rare condition is now protecting her, and helping her repress a potentially harrowing memory, locking it firmly in place, whilst keeping it safely at arms length. If Tim, her soon-to-be ex-husband, has any clue's, he is patently too resentful to let on... And Gerry, the man with whom she shares a new kindred spirit is too new in her life to know what skeletons may lurk... There's something fishy though, and Kathy's only too aware of the traumatic splinter which sit's just beyond reach in a darkened corner of her mind...

Connected mandy members:

Paul Ginika Etuka
Katharine Davenport
Ria Oberoi
Ria Oberoi
Maureen Ludford

Alternative Names

Plot, the