Rabbit foot

2012, 8 minutes

Spy drama

It's England, 1943, and WWII has no end in sight. Ruth, A.K.A: Rabbit's Foot a German double agent, prepares to meet Clause, A.K.A: Arrow, a fellow allied Agent, to hand off vital information, but is forced to deliver the Intel directly, when, thanks to Charlie, A.K.A: Kingfisher, Clause becomes compromised. A race ensues that takes us through 40s London, and to the scenic North Norfolk coast, via steam train. Full of twists and turns, Rabbit's Foot is a fictional noir thriller, set in the desperately paranoid backdrop of wartime Britain, highlighting the very real plight that faced many of the unseen heroes of the world's most detrimental conflict. Immensely aesthetic, packed with grit, mystery and deceit, Rabbit's Foot is a short film, feature pitch, leaves you asking questions and wanting more.

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Laura Pradelska
Rabbit's foot
Victoria Gegenbauer
Victoria Gegenbauer
Script Supervisor
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