The Gap

2010, 20 minutes

Filmed for The Chrysalis Foundation

Whilst attending the Chrysalis Programme a group of young men, Stuart, Charlie, Huw & Stefan are seen and heard questioning the fairness of their sentence and how they find it difficult to make positive changes in their lives. We also meet Mark Taylor the Chrysalis Facilitator/Trainer. Through discussion we see and hear how the Chrysalis Programme challenges individuals current thinking and attitudinal paradigms, encouraging them to take ownership of what they think, say and do. We hear of the importance and the power of individual choice and how by not reacting ‐ living in the gap - this new way of thinking can give you more choice and control in your life. The film aims to create a change in the attitude of the media, public and policy makers towards offender sentencing interventions, such that having individuals addressing thinking, attitudes, behaviours and essential life skills is recognised as critical to an individual successfully moving away from offending/ reoffending. The event will be truly groundbreaking, bringing together all those with a passion for creating a change in the world of offender rehabilitation and development – forever!

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Gap, the