Der Kindermorder / The Child Murderer

2012, 30 minutes

the tale of a terrifying figure who haunts the woods.

Set in England, during the 1940’s, the multi-nominated, Der Kindermörder, tells the tale of a terrifying figure who haunts the woods, lanes, and even into the darkest corners of the bedroom… and steals the souls of children. The film won BEST EDITOR and BEST STUDENT FILM, for the skilful way it told this dark folktale, but it was the startling, assured performance of 10-year-old Kaitlin Kerrison which gave the film its power, for which she won the BEST ACTRESS award." We had the most nominations out of all the films shown and for the ones we didn't win we were second in every single one, which is amazing. We were also joint first place with the most awards of 3.

Connected mandy members:

Marilyn May James
1940's Children's Nanny - Speaking Role
Nicholas Clarke
DOP / Camera Operator
Joe Richards
Joe Richards
Director, Writer, Producer, Editor

Alternative Names

Der Kindermorder (The Child Murderer), The Child Murderer (Der Kindermorder)