2014, 20 minutes

The special powers of a pupil are attempted to be exploited by a heart broken teacher.

When Ian Hart is dumped by fellow teacher Hollie Thorn, he is devastated and will do anything to win her back. He soon discovers one of his pupils, Simone, has an unusual special power. When she writes lines, what she writes comes true. After some testing, at the expense of school bullies Natalie and Angie, Ian turns Simone's focus to Hollie; but she has begun seeing a new man and unbeknown to him, Simone has a teenage crush on Ian. Can Ian win his love back? Can Simone allow him? Can Hollie be brought back to him? Is anything quite as it seems? A thrilling and magical story of love, greed and obsession, Lines is a light-hearted thriller that will entertain kids and adults alike!

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