Dear Mr. Wind

2013, 4 minutes

One night, the wind blows hope through a dark and lonely alleyway.

An abandoned backstreet of London is cold and dark. A light breeze rustles through trash and puddles of sewage. Martha, 22, wears an untidy and gaudy dress with torn net stockings. She follows her own shadow and reminisces with the inanimate debris as she waits in the alley. The world is cold and indifferent to her. Harry, 45, clamors out the backdoor of a shop with his arms full of empty crates. He calls Martha to follow him to his truck. They have dispassionate sex in the back of his lorry. While Martha endures Harry's mistreatment, she notices a young couple out the back of the truck. The man seems to be impassioned by a beautiful blond girl. He gives the girl a love letter, but when the blond embraces him for a kiss, she drops the letter on the ground behind his back. After the sex, Harry drives away and leaves Martha with a crate of groceries. She finds and picks up the love letter - full of passionate feelings she has never received in her life. She crafts the letter into a wind wheel and blows the wind wheel into the air. A breeze comes to her with gentle touches in the dark alley. She collects her crate of groceries to walk through the lonesome night, and the wind follows her into her abandoned garage, where it animates piles of Martha's collected junk. Martha's derelict world comes alive as the wind breathes through the garage and spirals her recycled possessions into spectacle. Martha dances with the wind. They create a beautiful harmony of happiness together. In the morning, Martha passes through the alley - full of busy impassive people.

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