Adha Cup / Half a cup

2009, 23 minutes

Seven Samuri meets the A-team.. Pakistani style..

Adha Cup follows Ash (Rez Kempton) and Shahid (Ace Bhatti): two lazy and bored Youth workers who reluctantly agree to reunite the cast of a legendary amateur Bollywood musical, Pappa Kehte Hain (Dad used to say) to be restaged at the Pakistan Centre where they work. In their search for the old cast members, they encounter a singing barber, a villainous butcher and an over-acting taxi driver, and along the way they reconnect with their enthusiasm for life, love and family. But unless they can track down the elusive hero, Sajid Hussain, the show can’t go on…

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Alternative Names

Adha Cup (Half a cup), Half a cup (Adha Cup)