Familiar Spirits

2013, 10 minutes

The severe impact the suicide of a loved one can have on the two people closest to her.

Gwynne is in a state of deep depression; guilt and confusion caused by her younger sister Erin's suicide. As a result she has quickly become reclusive in her flat,and refuses to seek any kind of help or social interaction. One day Beni, Erin's last boyfriend comes around to her flat to try to return Erin's clothes. Gwynne quickly accuses him of trying to get rid of any trace of Erin out of his life, Beni forcefully corrects her, and explains its because of his beliefs that ultimately he will be able to contact her spirit and find out it wasn't their fault she took her own life. As Gwynne later on at a point catches Beni in a state of Physical and emotional pain while trying to contact Erin's spirit she pleads to him to take his frustration on her instead. This leads to Beni fulfilling dark and dominant sexual desires that until now he had kept hidden, using Gwynne almost as if she was his toy, although the pain and pleasure becomes mutual. However there comes a tipping point at which Gwynne decides to push herself further into darker and increasingly more carnal actions. As they currently depend on eachother for release and reprieve.

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