Sloppy Mouth

2012, 3 minutes

Awkward Questions in the Office

Marlene enters her private office having just faced everybody in the office outside laughing and sniggering at her. Confused she calls for assistant Winnie. Winnie enters, hands Marlene her coffee and starts to give Marlene their jobs for the day when Marlene stops her to ask does she know why everybody is laughing at her. At first Winnie plays dumb and says she doesn't know but gives in when Marlene won't change the subject. Winnie gently tells Marlene that she kissed everyone at the office party and, not only was that bad enough, she's a pretty terrible 'sloppy' kisser. Marlene continues to ask questions but Winnie is clearly uncomfortable and tries to leave the room. However before she can, Marlene runs up behind her grabs her face and kisses her for an obscene amount of time (and very sloppily!). Winnie, quite clearly embarrased, makes an excuse to leave, leaving Marlene upset now that she knows she's a terrible kisser. (Uploaded to videos)

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