The Accused

2012, 3 minutes

Short Scene from the feature film 'The Accused'

We start from the scene when Katherine, Sara's lawyer, turns up at Sara's apartment asking her if they can go through a things relating to her rape trial (Sara has been gang-raped at a local bar but the case against her is that she is the neighborhood 'slut'). Sara lets her in and they start to disuss her previous criminal convictions, that the defense can use in the case against her. Katherine also decides to test Sara's nerve by asking her things like 'what were you wearing?' Sara gets very angry arguing that it didn't matter what she was wearing because they tore it off her anyway. Katherine pushes on explaining that she had better be ready for these questions on the stand because the defense will be using every tactic available to stop their clients from going to jail. Sara responds that she wants to put the men away in jail forever. (Video uploaded)

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