The Dossier

2013, 90 minutes


Sarah Devereaux, an up and coming lawyer for the Public Prosecutor's Office, was assigned to bring down one of the most notorious and ruthless gangland figures in the country, Charlie Mehigan. Compiling a dossier on him and his equally ruthless wife Helen, she found that she could only send Helen to prison, in the hope that this would provoke Charlie into doing something irrational. As time passed Sarah became more frustrated with the legal system and resorted to what were considered "unethical" methods and eventually found herself not only in prison, but at the same one as Helen Mehigan. Naïve she may have been, but Sarah had the forethought to hide her Dossier on Charlie before her sentence began. It contained delicate and damning information that connected Charlie to who were, by now, high ranking public figures. This made her dossier a very valuable document. So began a series of events that unfold in this film of mysterious figures, twists and turns as Helen is subjected to ...

Members of mandy who have been involved in The Dossier

  • Ryan Hunter · Deniz Celik aka The Governor
    • Living Life Backward
  • Lauren Willis · Vibha Desai
    • The Dossier
    • Living Life Backwards

Alternative Names

Dossier, the