Five Little Foxy Chicks

2013, 15 minutes

Tarentino inspired, 15 minute short.

Five female characters have been recruited by Mr. O'Neil whom none of them have yet met in person, to become part of a team of female secret agents called the 'Fox Force Five'. They have been assigned to a mission of which the nature is set to remain mysterious until the end of the day before its completion. After all of them have met in a restaurant, they all convene in a hotel room where they are to learn about their mission. Nonetheless, it is revealed that neither Mr O'Neil nor the mysterious mission had ever existed since it was only a scenario orchestrated by the character of Marsellus Wallace to avenge past betrayals that had been committed upon his person by four of the members of the 'Fox Force Five' team. The fifth member, whose code name is Raven McCoy, had been hired by Marcellus Wallace to carry out the revenge plan by murdering the four betrayers which she successfully accomplishes. As well as relying heavily on recurrent themes within Quentin Tarantino's filmography, the production will also be using some elements from Agatha Christie's novel: 'And Then There Were None'.

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